Classroom Instructions in English


When teaching English, the goal of a teacher is to use as much of the target language as possible.

One of the most frequent ways that language is used is in the daily routines; these are referred to as classroom language

When we use classroom instructions or commands, we can use polite ways to give instructions.

These are some examples of polite ways to give instructions in English.

  • Could you please close the door?
  • Could you please answer the questions?
  • Could you repeat that?
  • Can you answer these two questions?
  • Can you open the door in page 54?
  • Can you say that again?
  • Would you mind closing the window?
  • Would you mind putting the cellphone inside your pocket?
  • Do you mind if I sit next to you?
  • Do you mind if you two work together?
  • Please listen to the recording
  • Please pay attention to your classmate presentation
  • Please raise your hand

List of Classroom Instructions

This is a list of simple commands used in the classroom

Answer the questions
Check the answers
Circle the word
Close the  door
Come in
Come to the board
Complete the exercise
Do your homework
Don’t eat in class
Exchange Views
Go out
Go to the board
Hand in your homework
Have a seat
Listen to the recording
Look up this word
Match the picture with the word
Open your book
Pay attention everybody
Put away your book
Put your hands up
Raise your hand
Say that again please
Sit down
Sit in a semicircle
Sit in the front row.
Stand up
Take notes
Turn off the lights
Underline the word
Work in pairs
Work in silence
Work on your own 
Write your name

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