Listening Exercises: Cellphone Messages

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Cell Phone Messages

W: I need to check my _____________________.
M: How are you going to do that? We are in the middle of the freeway!
W: I’m going to use my cell____________________. Haven’t you ever done that?
M: No. I just use my cell phone to ________________to other people.
W: Now you can also use a cell phone to send and receive short ___________________ messages. It’s very useful.
M: How do you send a message that way?
W: I just use the keys on the phone to type a ______________ message. Then I press the “send” button. It’s cheaper than making a phone _________________.
M: That’s a great idea! You can save both time and money that way.
W: Right. All my friends usually ______________ me text messages now.
M: Thanks for telling me about this. I’ll have to try it!
W: You’re welcome. I think you’ll find it useful.


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