Lesson Plan: Highly Developed Countries

Pre-reading Students download the following presentation and talk about what countries are represented in them. During-Reading #1 Students check the following  three articles: Top 10 Highly Developed Countries in the World Top 10 Highly Developed Countries Top 15 Most Developed Countries in the World #2 and they are going to talk to their classmates about … Continue reading Lesson Plan: Highly Developed Countries


Principles of Language Assessment: Reading

  Genres of reading: Academic reading (textbooks, essays, papers Job-related reading (messages, letters, reports, financial documents) Personal reading (Newspaper, magazines, e-mails , greeting cards) Types of reading Perceptive: perceptive reading tasks involve attending to the components of larger stretches of discourse: letters, words, punctuation, and other graphemic symbols. Bottom-up processing is implied. At the beginning … Continue reading Principles of Language Assessment: Reading

Teaching Reading: Stories surrounded the Death of Paul Walker

Paul William Walker IV[4] (September 12, 1973 – November 30, 2013) was an American actor. He became famous in 1999 after his role in the hit film Varsity Blues, but later garnered fame as Brian O'Conner in The Fast and the Furious film series. His other films include Eight Below, Into the Blue, Joy Ride, She's All That, and Takers.