Teaching Literature: The Best Quotes for Discussions

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Introduction to Literature: Types of Conflict

Types of Conflict

Conflict In a work of a narrative, a Type of Conflict is the challenge that the main character has to face to  achieve their goals.  It is important to remember that a narrative is not limited to a single type of conflict.  The resolution of a conflict creates closure or fulfillment.  The closure or fulfillment is not necessarily … Read moreIntroduction to Literature: Types of Conflict

Understanding Point of View in Literature

Points of View in Literature

I had passed through the entire British education system studying literature, culminating in three years of reading English at Oxford, and they’d never told me about something as basic as the importance of point of view in fiction!

Types of Poems

Types of Poems

The Road Not Taken: Video, Poem and Exercises

Resources to Analyze “The Last Leaf” Short Story

The Last Leaf - Pexels

Resources to Fully Understand The Last Leaf” Short Story