Listening Task: 12 Infant Nutrition Do’s and Dont’s

Infant Nutrition Do's and Dont's | Newborn and Baby Development


Listening Exercises for Beginners: Facundo the Great

As was common practice at that time, teachers at his local elementary school Anglicized the Mexican American students' names

Listening Task: Developing Nations – Rich and Poor Countries

Pre- Listening 1. Students are sent the vocabulary so they can check the meaning of those words before coming to class 1.            wealth 2.            average 3.            path 4.            quite 5.            growth 6.            to stagnate 7.            hurdles 8.            whether 9.            invariably 10.          Taxes 11.          offshore accounts 12.          meanwhile 13.          To hire 14.          merit 15.          duty 16.          … Continue reading Listening Task: Developing Nations – Rich and Poor Countries

Listening Exercises: The Variety of Life on Earth

Listening Exercises: The Variety of Life on Earth (Lesson Plan)

Learning How to Teach Listening Skills Effectively

Key information about how to teach listening

Listening Practice Through Dictation

Listening Practice through Dictation is a four-level series that presents basic listening transcription activities designed for EFL learners ranging from beginner to upper intermediate. A time-honored method of teaching language, dictation has received renewed interest from teachers and learners worldwide. Each book in this series contains 40 units divided into eight themes. Each unit is comprised … Continue reading Listening Practice Through Dictation

Listening Exercises for Beginners: The Nature of War

StoryCorps: The Nature of War

Listening Exercises: The History of St. Patrick’s Day

The History of St. Patrick's Day finally explained to me

Listening Exercises for Beginners: How To Make a Restaurant Reservation

Conversation about how to make a hotel reservation

Listening Exercises: Let’s Recycle

Let's Recycle