Lesson Plan: Requesting and Offering Help



Requesting and Offering  in order to solve different situations face to face or by email

Target Phrases

  1. Could you give me a hand?
  2. Would you mind helping me out?
  3. Can you do me a favor?
  4. Would you like a bit of help?
  5. I wonder if you could help me with that

How to respond to polite requests

  1. ok
  2. sure
  3. certainly
  4. no problem
  5. Yes
  6. Please
  7. Ok
  8. I am  afraid I can’t do it
  9. No, Thanks
  10. Thank you


  • I need to buy a product on amazon, can you help me with that?
  • How can I help you?
  • Would you mind helping me with the suitcases?
  • Yes, of course
  • My computer is not working, Could you help me?
  • Sure
  • I need a new laptop, could you help me ?
  • Yes, come over here
  • Could you lend me a few dollars?
  • sure, no problem


  • Teacher  gives students a wordle and students create polite requests and send them to the class whatsapp group. If the sentences made by the students are the exact ones that the teacher has, the team gets a point, the team with more points gets a chocolate or two.
  • Teacher gives a quizlet set of expressions  and students classify those expressions into expressions to give and ask for help.
    • Could you help me please?
    • Do you need my help?
    • I was wondering if you needed any help
    • Can I ask you a favor?
    • How may I help you?
    • Can you do me a favor?
    • Could you do that for me?
    • Would you mind giving me some help?
    • Would you do that for me?
    • What can I do for you sir?
    • How can I help you?
    • Could I use your phone?
    • Do you want me to help you?
    • Can I give you a hand?


Students are going to create a dialogue about askinf for help

Post- Task

Students answer an online form in which students have to fix  questions  that have something wrong with grammar



Lesson Plan: Describing Professionals and the Tasks They Do


Level: Intermediate

Objective: Describing Professionals and the tasks they do

Target Vocabulary and Grammar


  1. Manager
  2. Accountant
  3. Secretary
  4. Clerk
  5. Cashier
  6. Assistant
  7. Bank Teller
  8. Doctor
  9. Police Officer
  10. Professor
  11. Receptionist
  12. Supervisor
  13. Journalist
  14. Real State Agent
  15. Architech
  16. Police Officer
  17. Enterpreneur
  18. Factory Worker
  19. Website Designers
  20. Translator
  21. Engineer
  22. It Professional


  1. To design Websites
  2. To sell properties
  3. To keep people safe
  4. To keep people healthy
  5. To filter calls
  6. To write stories for the press
  7. To supervise factory workers
  8. To charge for products you buy
  9. To keep financial accounts
  10. To help with bank transactions
  11. To teach about subjects
  12. To design buildings
  13. To supervise constructions
  14. To translate from one language into another
  15. To offer computer support


  • Where do you work ?
  • I work for  Microsoft
  • I work at Google INC
  • Where do you do there ?
  • What do you do exactly?
  • I design websites
  • What do you do as a receptionist for microsoft?
  • I take calls and sometimes I take notes during meetings
  • What do you usually do at the Bank?
  • As a bank teller, I help people with transactions.


  • Teacher tells students to install / open the Quizlet and find for the quizlet set about occupations, during five minutes they check / review the target vocabulary then they go to another classmate and they practice  by recalling the meaning of new words.
  • Half of the group is given a quizlet set  with tasks that professionals do and the other half is given a list of occupations, the first half  reads the tasks  from the quizlet set and the second half try to  guess the name of  the occupation they are referring to.
  • Students continue using the quizlet with the list of occupations,the teacher enter tasks into an avatar, the avatar reads the descriptions and students listen carefully and  tell what profession the avatar is describing.
  • Two dialogues are sent to the students, the students practice the dialogues with a partner and  they change seats every  one minute and a half. Both dialogues can be seen here and here


  • Student  make groups of four to talk about a company , they must pick the name of the company  and they must introduce two or three professionals of such company, those professional must describe the tasks that they usually do


  • students rehearse doing the presentation and teacher monitors and offers help if neeeded


  • Class listens to the presentations

Language Focus


Lesson Plan: Facilities and Services given by Companies and Institutions


Level: Intermediate

Objective: Exchange Information and describe facilities and services offered by different companies  and Institution

Target Vocabulary  and Grammar


  • Free Wi-Fi : Wifi Gratis
  • Conference Center : Centro de Conferencias
  • Fitness Center:  Gimnasio
  • Free Parking: Parqueo Gratuito
  • Medical facilities: Facilidades medicas
  • Conference Center: Centro de Conferencias
  • Copy Center: Servicio de Fotocopiado
  • Auditorium: Auditorio
  • Restroom: Tocador
  • Reception: Recepción
  • Dorms: Dormitorios
  • Library: Biblioteca
  • Office: Oficina
  • Security Booths: Casetilla de seguridad
  • Computer Lab: Laboratorio de computo
  • Cafeteria: Cafeteria
  • Website: Sitio Web

Places found around companies and Institutions

  • airport : Aeropuerto
  • bakery : Panaderia
  • bank : Banco
  • bookstore: Libreria
  • bus station: Estación de Bus
  • cafe: Cafe
  • church: Iglesia
  • court: Corte
  • department store : Tienda por Departamentos
  • Movie theather: Cine
  • fire station: Estacion de Bomberos
  • gas station: Estación de gasolina
  • gym: Gimnasio
  • hospital: Hospital
  • hotel: Hotel
  • gallery: Galeria
  • library: Biblioteca
  • museum: Museo
  • Drugstore : Farmacia
  • police station : Estación de Policia
  • park: Parque

Target Structures and Phrases

  • Where is the gym located? :
  • The Gym is located by the central park
  • Are there any banks around here?
  • Yes , There are two banks around here
  • Is there a drugstore nearby? 
  • Yes There isn’t
  • Does the company have an auditorium?
  • No, It doesn’t
  • Does the Company have free Wifi?
  • Yes, it does
  • Can you tell me where the cafeteria is ?
  • It is on the second floor
  • What does the cafeteria offer?
  • The cafeteria offers a variety of snacks
  • Can I have some information about the company?
  • Yes,The company  is located in Alajuela and it has excellent facilities , it has a copy center and a computer lab.
  • Does the company have a website?
  • Yes it does, the company’s website is utn.com
  • Does the company have a computer lab?
  • Yes, it does, actually  it has three computer labs



Students using the Quizlet application will review the vocabulary that will be studied in class, students say the words aloud to themselves and their classmates, Students can also flip the card to know the meaning in spanish or click the microphone button to listen the pronunciation. The Quizlet set can be seen here

Teacher prepares a kahoot quiz, students install the application in their cellphone and the person with the most correct and fast answers will be crowned the winner. The kahoot quiz and jumble can be seen here  and here

Students practice in pairs the target structures that will be sent to them via whatsapp. The structures can be seen here , the students will switch  places and practice with different classmates.

Part of the students are going to access a survey created using google forms. The survey will be sent to through  a link, the student will interview one of the classmates asking personal information questions, company questions and questions about their surroundings. they survey can be seen here


Students in pairs create a phone conversation between a client and a receptionist in which the receptionist has to answer questions about the services and facilities the company she works for  offers.


Student take 10 minutes to practice the dialogue and the teacher coaches them in terms of pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.


Students record the conversation using a whatsapp or the stock audio recorder of their cellphones and later those conversation are heard in class connecting their phones to the  speakers. Teacher will ask questions to their classmates regarding to what they heard.

Post- Task 

Students will receive a powerpoint presentaton with  images and they will describe the facilities of a company to their classmates or the places located around the company. The presentation can be seen here


Additional Information

The lesson plan is based on the guideliness given by the site Teaching English, that information can be seen here and here