Preparation for the English Language Evaluation Exam (ELAE)



The English Language Assessment Exam (ELAE) is used at a national level to certify the current English level of  a candidate , its results are given according  to the  Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The exam is made up of the following parts:

  • Knowledge of the grammar and vocabulary (20%)
  • Reading Comprehension (20%)
  • Listening  Comprehension (20%)
  • Writing (20%)
  • Speaking (20%)
Reading Comprehension (multiple matching)

Exercise 1 ,Exercise 2 , Exercise 3 ,Exercise 4 , Exercise 5

 Knowledge of Grammar ( multiple choice questions )

Grammar 1 , Grammar 2 , Grammar 3 , Grammar 4 , Grammar 5

 Knowledge of vocabulary ( word formation and use of English)

 , Test 2, Test 3 , Test 4 , Test 5 , Test 6 ,  Test 7 , Test 8


My Experience in the Centro Cultural Británico and the ELAE Exam


Centro Cultural Britanico

Process before the exam

You can get an appointment by calling to 4030-4829 or 2221-2992 , once you have your appointment , You have to show up in the Centro Cultural Británico  at least twenty minutes before on the scheduled day , you have to  bring a photocopy of  your ID  and you can pay with a debit, credit card or in cash  , the cost of the exam is 20000 colones (cheaper than the TOEIC)  and if you pay an extra 2000 colones , the result and the certificates  will be given to you within 45 minutes.

Process during the exam

The time to  finish the five parts of the exam is around two hours , the examinator  asks you to leave your belongings in a different room and  then takes  you to the examination room. each one of the five sections is 20% of the overall score.

The five parts of the ELAE in the Centro Cultural Británico are the  following:

Listening  Comprehension (20%)

This section of the exam consists of two parts:

  • Part 1: Listening  a short  conversation and answering  around  five  multiple choice questions.
  • Part 2: Listening a short conversation  and  completing  around ten sentences.

In my opinion, this  was the toughest part of the test due to the accent used in the dialogue and the difficulty of the questions.

Knowledge of the grammar and vocabulary (20%)

This section of the exam consists of two parts:

  • Part 1:  Around 15 multiple choice questions about grammar and vocabulary ( Samples:  Grammar and Vocabulary)
  • Part 2:  Around 10  sentences to complete  with  word formation (Sample:  Vocabulary)

Reading Comprehension (20%)

This section of the exam consists of two parts (If I remember right) :

  • Part 1:  Locate main ideas in a text ( Sample : Multiple Matching)
  • Part 2:  Reading comprehension – multiple choice questions

Writing (20%)

This section consist of one part:

  • Part 1:  This task is a about writing  a  250 -word essay of  a basic topic such as “The importance of  learning a second language” or a variation of that.

Speaking (20%)

  • Part 1:  This task is about answering a few questions  about basic  topics such as  a description of the place you live and your opinion on topics such as diet. The interview is short  and performed with each participant individually, no more than five minutes, the interviewer was an English native speaker (Mark Budworth)

Process after the exam

Once the test is over  if you paid the extra 2000 colones, you’ll have to wait around 45 minutes to get your result and the two certificates  (Spanish/English). They certificate indicate the score that you get in each one of the sections, the overall score is in a scale  from  1 to 100 and also  a result based on  the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages which can be A1,A2,B1,B2 orC1  .


Both TOEIC and ELAE evaluate your proficiency  and not your teaching skills, neither one of those tests have made that claim, one thing is learning English and a completely different thing is teaching it.

If you have already  passed the TOEIC or ELAE  before, there is a pretty good chance that you’ll pass it again so there is nothing to be afraid of.  First timers must give  it a try , I can’t recommend one test  above the other, both are tough in their own ways, both exams placed me  in the same level so one or the other can tell you exactly where you at.

If you have any question regarding the exam or the process, please leave your comments below using your WordPress , Twitter or facebook account.

TOEIC® Listening and Reading Test

Filling in bubble test --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

What’s the Toeic TEST?

For more than 30 years, the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test has set the standard for assessing English-language skills used in the workplace. Today it is the leading assessment of English-language reading and listening skills for the global workplace.

  • Workforce Readiness: Prepare students to compete in the competitive global workforce.
  • Placement: Determine who has the skills to succeed in school and in business.
  • Program Effectiveness: Measure a student’s progress and proficiency in English.
  • Program Development: Evaluate the effectiveness of your English-language programs..

Resources  to get ready for the  TOEIC

TOEIC MasteryTOEIC Mastery

I have installed  Toeic Mastery  on windows 7 before  and now on Windows 8  and it has worked smoothly ,  Installation  doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.  The file was uploaded by  an  sendspace user. If you are not used  to  installing  and uninstalling software , you must  get some help but It is worth the hassle!


If  you don’t wanna complicate yourself with a software installation , you can  practice online by clicking any of these links.

TOEIC Simulation Test 1 (Practice Mode)
TOEIC Simulation Test 2 (Practice Mode)
TOEIC Simulation Test 3 (Practice Mode)
TOEIC Simulation Test 4 (Practice Mode)
TOEIC Simulation Test 5 (Practice Mode)
TOEIC Simulation Test 1 (Exam Mode)
TOEIC Simulation Test 2 (Exam Mode)
TOEIC Simulation Test 3 (Exam Mode)
TOEIC Simulation Test 4 (Exam Mode)
TOEIC Simulation Test 5 (Exam Mode)

ETS provides you  with  sample questions so surprise  isn’t a factor , these are two files  that every  first- timer should read. 

ExamEnglishDotCom provides  you with online training you might wanna take a look and see for yourself , I consider their practices useful.

The TOEIC Listening and Reading test

Online Toeic Training gives you an experience similar  to the previous  four recommendations, there is no shortage of resources for you to succeed in your goals, Start practicing right away by clicking the following link:

Toeic Sample Test

King George International College 

his preparation test includes all the test areas, within a timed environment. The questions here are very similar to the actual TOEIC® test.

On-line TOEIC Practice Test

Full English Sample Tests

This site provides four sample test under the new format, each test is made  of 80 questions and can be finished in 60 minutes

Goodwin English provides  five free TOEIC tests , the visual stand out in this site

Tactics for the TOEIC

Tactics for the Toeic

If you know your way around the web  , Rieebook has provided us  with a link to download the book “Tactics For TOEIC Listening and reading  test ” The files are hosted in  mediafire , if you consider a book might help  you , please  take a look  at the website

Tactics For TOEIC Listening and reading  test

Target TOEIC


Target TOEIC Second Edition is designed to provide thorough and realistic preparation for the TOEIC test through authentic test practice. In order to ensure that students are getting authentic test practice, this new edition has been updated to incorporate changes recently made to the TOEIC test.

600 Essential words for the TOEIC

600 essential words for the TOEICUpdated to reflect the most recent TOEIC, this test preparation book focuses on 600 words commonly used on the TOEIC. Words are taught in 50 vocabulary-building lessons that focus on American English as it is used in today’s business, industry, communications, and cultural activities

Target Score

Target Score

Revised to meet the needs of the new TOEIC® Test, this Second edition also provides effective, classroom-friendly lessons for active, communicative English

Skills for the TOEIC Test

Skills for the Toeic Test

Collins : Speaking and Writing is a unique skills-based exam preparation course. TOEIC  is a test of English proficiency for people in the workplace seeking to work in an international environment or looking for promotion within their organisation.

Do you have  an online tool or advice  for TOEIC takers?  Please leave a message in the comments section



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