Lesson Plan: SWOT Analysis


Review of Last Class

Students answer these two questions:

  1. What leadership qualities do you have?
  2. What leadership qualities do you want?


  1. Students listen to this audio and they note down the  things that they are able to understand
  2. Students listen the audio again  and answer these questions
    1. What’s swot?
    2. What are the benefits of a SWOT analysis?
  3. Students do a SWOT Analysis of their  personality using this worksheet and this worksheet.
  4. Students identidy the different parts of the SWOT using this worksheet.


  1. Students are going to talk about the strenghts, weaknessess , Opportunities and Threat of a ficticious company, they record it and we listen to it in class.


  1. Teacher takes some time to reinforce the problematic areas in pronunciation and grammar.
  2. Students answer this worksheet about SWOT Analysis 


Lesson Plans: Leadership Skills




  1. Students watch a video about the 22 qualities that make a great leader and identify the characteristics of a good leader.
  2. then students watch the video again but this time they are gonna complete sentences that describes the 22 qualities of a good leader.
  3. Students pick three characteristics of a good leader and they explain why those characteristics are important to them using some of these expressions if they want
  4. Students are going to make pair and they are going to discuss the following questions:
    1. Do you consider yourself a leader? Why or why not?
    2. What leadership qualities do you have?
    3. What leadership qualities do you want?
    4. What characteristics does a bad leader have?
  5. Students are going to listen about what good leaders do and how they act, they are going to note down their answers in the notebooks.
  6. students are gonna take the leadership test


Students are going to record themselves describing a person they consider a good leader


Students are gonna answer a worksheet that focus on some of the structures used in this lesson.