How to Give Directions Inside Buildings

How to Give Directions Inside Buildings

Giving Directions Inside Buildings

This is some key vocabulary to give directions inside buildings

  1. Go forward
  2. turn left/ right at the corner
  3. walk along
  4. walk straight ahead
  5. upstairs
  6. downstairs
  7. take the elevator
  8. go in
  9. go out
  10. go through
  11. it’s right here
  12. it’s on your right /left
  13. it’s the second door on your right

Prepositions of Place

  1. next to
  2. in front of
  3. behind
  4. near
  5. close
  6. across from

Places Inside the Building

Administration OfficeCafeteria
RestroomRecreational areas
Copy CenterLunch room
ReceptionConference Room

Asking for Directions inside Buildings

These are some ways to ask for directions inside buildings

  1. Where is the computer room?
  2. Where is the public telephone?
  3. Excuse, where are the restrooms?
  4. Can you tell me where the public telephone is?
  5. How  do you get to the ATM?
  6. Do you know where English class is?
  7. Please tell me the directions to the elevator
  8. What are the directions to the Administration Office
  9. What is the way to the gym?
  10. I’m looking for the library
  11. How do I go to the Cafeteria?
  12. How can I get to the clothing store?


  1. The restaurant is at the end of the hallway to the right.
  2. The elevators are straight ahead on the left
  3. The stairway is around the corner over there.
  4. -Go along the corridor / hall.
  5. Turn right at the end of the hall.
  6. Take the stairs down to the basement
  7. Go through the door.-
  8. It’s just through / past / after the door.
  9. Take the elevator up to the top floor.
  10. Go up to the fifth fl oor.
  11. Go straight ahead.

Dialogue: Give Locations Inside a Hotel 

  • Receptionist: Good Morning, How can I help you?
  • Guest: Can you tell me where the bar is?
  • Receptionist: It is near the dance room
  • Guest: Could you tell me how to get to the bar?
  • Receptionist: The bar is on the second floor. Please go straight along the hallway. Take the escalator up one floor. The bar is on your left.
  • Guest: Thanks a lot
  • Receptionist:  You are welcome
How to Give Directions Inside Buildings

Lesson Plan – Giving Directions Inside Buildings


Schema Activation

  1. Students are given strips of paper with sentences said by a receptionist or guest.
  2. Students have to get together with 6 other students who have strips of paper with different sentences.
  3. They get together and arrange the dialogue.


Task #1
  1. Student s make groups of 4
  2. Each one of the students is given a scrambled sentence
  3. They have to reorder the sentences to create a question
  4. Once they finished, they check the answer together.
Task #2
  1. Teacher provides students with a quizlet set so they can check the meaning of  key vocabulary and its pronunciation. 
  2. Student use the quizlet set and make questions to their classmates with the vocabulary studied 
    • What’s the meaning of …?
    • How do you say __________ in English?
Task #3
  • Students are sent a video and they have to complete a worksheet in which they have to listen for the following details.
    • What’s the person looking for?
    • What’s the direction inside the building?
Task #4
  1. Students are given a sheet of paper with a map of a building, they have to ask questions to their partners and they have to give the directions. They switch places after one minute

Main -Task

  1. Students give directions to their classmates about the places inside the school facility they study
  2. They are going to record those directions


  1. Students answer a quiz online to cover the grammar and vocabulary related to the lesson.
How to Find the Main Idea

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