20 Other Ways to Say Awesome: Synonyms

Alright, fellow language learners, let’s face it – we’ve watered down the mighty “awesome.”

We’ve used it to describe everything from epic triumphs to videos of someone failing miserably.

Guilty as charged, I get it.

Let’s press pause on “awesome” for minute and learn other expressions that we can use instead.

Other ways to Say Awesome

These words form an impressive and diverse list of adjectives, often used to describe something extraordinary or remarkable.

They can be applied to various contexts, such as describing achievements, performances, or even aesthetic qualities.

  1. Outstanding
  2. Astounding
  3. Staggering
  4. Breathtaking
  5. Stunning
  6. Prodigious
  7. Stupendous
  8. Righteous
  9. Wicked
  10. Superb
  11. Sublime
  12. Transcendent
  13. Marvelous
  14. Phenomenal
  15. Remarkable
  16. Magnificent
  17. Flawless
  18. Badass
  19. Kickass
  20. Legendary

Other ways to Say Awesome: Exchanges

Here are two sentence exchanges for each of the words

  • Person A: “Your presentation was outstanding, truly impressive.”
  • Person B: “Thank you! I put a lot of effort into it.”

  • Person A: “The magician’s tricks were astounding; I couldn’t believe my eyes.”
  • Person B: “I know! I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

  • Person A: “The amount of support we received for the charity event was staggering.”
  • Person B: “It’s amazing how the community came together.”

  • Person A: “The view from the mountaintop was breathtaking.”
  • Person B: “I agree, it felt like we were on top of the world.”

  • Person A: “Her dress at the gala was absolutely stunning.”
  • Person B: “I thought so too, she has great taste.”

  • Person A: “He has a prodigious talent for playing the piano.”
  • Person B: “I’ve never heard someone play with such skill.”

  • Person A: “The success of the project was stupendous; we exceeded all expectations.”
  • Person B: “It’s incredible what a dedicated team can achieve.”

  • Person A: “Your stand for justice is truly righteous.”
  • Person B: “I believe in doing what’s right, no matter the challenges.”

  • Person A: “That was a wicked guitar solo you played!”
  • Person B: “Thanks, I’ve been practicing for weeks.”

  • Person A: “The meal you prepared was superb, a culinary masterpiece.”
  • Person B: “I’m glad you enjoyed it; I love experimenting in the kitchen.”

  • Person A: “The music at the concert was sublime, it touched my soul.”
  • Person B: “Music has a way of transcending ordinary experiences.”

  • Person A: “The beauty of the sunset was transcendent, beyond words.”
  • Person B: “Sometimes nature has the power to elevate our spirits.”

  • Person A: “Your performance on stage was marvelous, a true delight.”
  • Person B: “Thank you! I had a great time performing for the audience.”

  • Person A: “The response to the new product has been phenomenal.”
  • Person B: “It’s exceeding our expectations in terms of sales.”

  • Person A: “Your recovery from that injury is truly remarkable.”
  • Person B: “I had a great support system, and I was determined to get back on my feet.”

  • Person A: “The architecture of the cathedral is truly magnificent.”
  • Person B: “It’s a testament to the craftsmanship of that era.”

  • Person A: “Her performance was flawless; not a single mistake.”
  • Person B: “I practiced tirelessly to make sure everything went smoothly.”

  • Person A: “Your daring rescue mission was totally badass.”
  • Person B: “Well, sometimes you have to take risks to get the job done.”

  • Person A: “Your workout routine is seriously kickass.”
  • Person B: “Thanks! It’s all about pushing my limits and staying disciplined.”


Did you find the alternatives to awesome useful?, Which alternative would you try or like to use more?

Manuel Campos, English Professor

Manuel Campos

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