Actions in English: Guide & Examples

Manuel Campos


Today you are going to learn more about actions in English, I am gonna focus in actions at the momento of speaking.

The structure that we are going to use is the present continuous.

The structure to make sentences with the present continuous is the following:

PronounVerb To BeVerb +ING
I am doing
You are running
She is cleaning
He is testing
It is working
Weare developing
They are fixing

Statements about Actions in English

These are affirmative sentences describing what you are doing at work

  • I am implementing security measures
  • I am checking security certificates
  • I am troubleshooting computer problems
  • I am installing hardware
  • I am updating the application
  • She is giving maintenance to the computers
  • She is setting up a company network
  • She is writing a review of a security plugin
  • She is giving customer support
  • She is giving support via chat
  • He is solving a network issue
  • He is fixing a computer issue
  • He is backing up the database
  • He is giving technical support
  • He is updating the company website
  • We are fixing compatibility issues
  • We are testing computer components
  • We are testing the new internet connection
  • We are making a report of the issues
  • They are taking care of network bugs
  • They are designing algorithms
  • They are creating a new server
  • They are debugging a new software
  • They are developing technical documentation

Questions about Actions in English

These are some questions and answer about actions in English

  • What are you doing?
  • I am doing something important for a client
  • What are they doing?
  • They are fixing a Mac Book Air
  • What is she doing?
  • She is cleaning a website
  • What are we doing?
  • We are checking the security of the app
  • What is he doing?
  • He is building a program for the Bank
  • Are you coding?
  • No, I am not, I am updating the app
  • Is she making calls?
  • She is answering emails

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