What’s  Englishpost.org?

Englishpost.org is intended to host most of the information that I have prepared for classes since 2011.

Why is the blog named Englishpost.org?

Picking a name isn’t easy. Basically posts are an essential part of blogging and English is the essential part of this blog

What’s the difference between learning and teaching?

The responsibilities of  teacher and learner are found  within the  words themselves.

Who are the successful language learners?

Teachers and language learners come in different styles and use different approaches. No matter what style or approach you pick, staying busy with the language and seeing English as a mean of communication and not as a subject are the keys.

What’s the greatest thing of  learning English?

The greatest thing is opening  the  path to a whole new world of information.

What’s the ultimate goal?

Blogging is the best exercise for  learners and teachers so the ultimate goal is to stay in shape.

The Teacher Behind Englishpost.org

  1. I am from Costa Rica.
  2. I never took an English class during my  childhood.
  3. I took my first  English class  when I was 13.
  4. I got excited about learning English  when I was 16.
  5. I served  a  full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons).
  6. I started my major in English teaching  when I was 22 in the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica.
  7. I got married  when I was 24
  8. I started working as a professor for the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica.
  9. I  had my first child when I was 27.
  10. I dreaded the thought of teaching 4 years olds kids when I first got a  full-time teaching job.
  11. I have been blogging in wordpress since 2011.
  12. I love Game of  Thrones.
  13. I  love Survivor .
  14. I love watching movies.
  15. I enjoyed music but mostly from the 90´s and the beginning of the 2000’s.
  16. I watch anime.
  17. I am  a  huge fan of the UFC
  18.  I live an authentic life in an authentic world free from dogmas.
  19. I fell in love with Electronic Music


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