A Little bit of History

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I am José Manuel Campos Noguera, The one and Only Blogger at Englishpost.org. I started the blog back in 2012 and during that first year, It got less than 5000 thousands. In 2013, The Blog tripled its views, Not too shabby! especially when you don’t know anything about blogging, Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing.

During 2014,  Englishpost.org doubled its views. In 2015 and 2016, The blog continue doubling its views received in 2014 and 2015 respectively. 2017  is not the exception, The Blog got more than half a million views.

For 2018, I expect the blog to grow even more, I have learned more about blogging and Teaching  and I hope that makes a difference for the next Year.

What to Expect in 2018


I am going to be actively engaged with the blog during 2018, I will write two posts every week and I expect to check the old content and make it better for all learners and teachers who visit the blog.

I hope to continue creating more content that learners and teachers are looking for. Meanwhile, have a look at some sections from the blog:

  1. How to Teach Pronunciation
  2. How to Teach with Technology
  3. Teaching Ideas and Worksheets for MEP

How To Support Englishpost.org

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If you want to support what I do here, you can do one thing, Follow Englishpost.og on Social Media.

If there is something in the Blog post that truly helped you, share that post with your  network of friends, the more visitors that the blog receives, the better.