10 Amazing Websites to Improve your Listening Skills 

Your Listening Skills will help you pass proficiency tests with ease so take some time to check these tools so you can take your listening abilities to the next level.


1.SpeechYard Speechyard is a place, where English learners have a perfect opportunity to improve their English and expand language knowledge by means of educational entertainment.englishcentral-logo

2.English Central: EnglishCentral is the leading provider of online English conversation solutions. The EnglishCentral platform combines the web’s best English videos.


3:Lyrics TrainingLyricsTraining is an easy and fun way to learn and improve your foreign languages skills, through the music videos and the lyrics of your favorite songs.  LyricsTraining also has a special Karaoke mode that lets you sing and enjoy the full lyrics.


4. Player FM: If you have a smartphone, you can select a podcast that targets English Language Learners but if you have good listening skills, you can select a podcast among the thousands available on the web


5.Youtube English Channels: Youtube is a great source of input  for English Language Learners and teachers, you only have to find the right channels.


6: Voscreen helps you improve your English language skills on your own through short video clips. Learning and improving English is more enjoyable than ever with Voscreen video learning environment.


7. ESLvideo.com provides educational resources for English as a Second Language Students to improve their listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary skills. The quiz activities and lessons are created by teachers, and are free to use in class, lab, or at home. Teachers are welcome to build a library of favorites, assign quizzes, view student scores, and create new quizzes.


8.Elllo: The aim of the site it to make learning English fun, effective, and free and to provide teachers and students with materials that you cannot find in traditional textbooks.


9.ESOL Courses: English language lessons for students of English as a foreign language and young learners. Practise your English skills using our free listening tasks.


10.English Listening: Listen to American, British and Global English. Native speakers in real-world situations.


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