Task-Based Lesson: How to Prepare Yourself for a Job Interview



Types of Employees Benefits and Perks

  1. Work Breaks: Breaks provided for rest.
  2. Meal Breaks: Breaks provided to eat a meal.
  3. Vacation leave:  Time for vacations every year.
  4. Severance Pay: Money given to you given to employees upon termination of employment.
  5. Pay Raise: A pay increase based on goals and achievements.
  6. Paid Holidays: Extra payment for having to work on a holiday.
  7. Maternity Leave: paid or unpaid time off from work after the birth.
  8. Paternity Leave: paid or unpaid time off from work after the birth.
  9. Hazard Pay:  Extra compensation for performing dangerous duties.
  10. Compensation time: Monety paid for working overtime.
  11. Retirement Benefits: Funds or pensions when you finish your career
  12. Health Insurance: Medical services offered to employees and their families.
  13. Life Insurance: Insurance that protects your family if you die.
  14. Company car: Vehicle given to employees who are always on the move.
  15. Flexible Schedule: You don’t have to work long hours.
  16. Christmas Bonus: Extra payment given on Christmas
  17. School Bonus: Extra payment given at the beginning of the year

Expressions to use with Work Benefits

  1. This company offers:
  2. This company offers many benefits such as:

Schema Activation

  1. Students play the hangman to figure out class topic for today.
    1. Code: hhfafderhlhb
    2. code: hbtacafrhlhb

Pre-Task Activity

  1. Teacher shows presentation in which benefits are described visually, student use a list of words and use it to identify the benefit.  Then Teacher gives a list of the definitions  so they can indicate what benefit the sentence is describing. Teacher takes some time to reinforce pronunciation of new words. (20 Mins)
  2. Students are given a list of benefits and qualifications, they have to categorize them and then they have to make a sentence with them. (20 Mins)
  3. Teacher plays a youtube video called Top 10 Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts and they watch the video in order to reorder the advices from 1 to 10 according to the order in which they are presented, after that the teacher gives a worksheet in which they  have to complete with key vocabulary from the video then Students are given a list of do’s and don’t and students have to classify them (30 Mins)
  4. Students are given some interview questions, they have to read it and answer the questions, then they practice the questions with a partner. (20 Mins)

Main Task (30 Mins)

  1. Class is divided in two groups
  2. Half of the group creates a fictional company and think about the following questions
    • Name of the company
    • Position they offer
    • Benefits they offer
    • Other questions such as the schedule
  3. The other half prepare themselves to ask questions to the human resource managers in differente stands

Post- Task (30 Mins)

  1. Students take some time and together they complete a kahoot quiz.
  2. Teacher takes some times to cover pronunciation and grammar problems

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