Ulatina: Oral Communication I

ULatina 2015

Chronogram of the Course: Oral Communication I

Program of the class:  Oral Communication I 



If you need help registering, please watch this video.  The web address for the Cambrige Learning Management System is this: https://www.cambridgelms.org/main/p/es/splash



The Class code is: Ee4EX9

Activation code / Codigo de Activación:  It is on your book

Pre-Task and Post- Task Activities


Oral Communication I.png

 Written Exam

  1. Structures
  2. Pronunciation
  3. Vocabulary
    • Vocabulary from Units 1 to 5 ( Word lists in the pages 31, 49, 67, 85, 103 and the Glossary in pages 199-203)

Topics for the first Oral Evaluation

  1. Talk about an interesting place, give factual information about the place that you choose
  2. Talk about your favorite festival and holidays
  3. Talk about school and education
  4. Talk about technologies that you use every day
  5. Talk about advantages  and disadvantages of technology and the internet



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