Lesson Plan: Making Invitations



Teacher starts the class by  telling students to make two groups and make a circle. Students think about a question and they ask that question to member of the group and the member has to refuse or accept the invitations.

Students play chinese whispers by using some of the questions taught in previous classes.


Teacher introduces questions using the present continuous  by giving examples related to making, accepting and refusing invitations:


  1. I am going to the river next week
  2. You are playing soccer tomorrow night
  3. He is going to the beach
  4. She is going to the movies
  5. It is going to be fun
  6. We are going to school tomorrow
  7. They are going to swim at the pool
  8. You are watching a movie at home tonight.


  1. Where are you going tonight?
  2. what are you doing tomorrow ?
  3. Are you watching the game tonight?
  4. Are you going to surf next weekend?
  5. Are you playing soccer tomorrow?


  1. Students read pieces of paper with sentences, they unscramble the sentences to form a dialogue.
  2. Students write the dialogue and identify examples of the structures taught above.
  3. Students  practice the dialogue with a partner.
  4. students complete a dialogue and practice with a partner


Now students have to prepare a similar dialogue and present it to the teacher.







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