Task-Based Lesson: Describing Locations and their Services



Prepositions of place

  1. besides to
  2. next to
  3. near
  4. between
  5. behind
  6. infront of
  7. across from
  8. around the corner from
  9. on main street
  10. on the second floor
  11. at 415 main street


  1. Library
  2. Supermarket
  3. School
  4. High School
  5. Butcher shop
  6. Hardware  shop
  7. Grocery Store
  8. Store
  9. Church
  10. Hospital
  11. University
  12. Mall

Description of places

  1. modern
  2.  old
  3.  large
  4. small
  5. interesting
  6. boring
  7. exciting
  8.  beautiful
  9. expensive
  10. polluted
  11. clean
  12. noisy
  13. quiet
  14. calm
  15. crowded
  16. busy

First day Routine:

  1. Teacher introduces himself using a powerpoint presentation, he introduces himself and  talks a bit his likes in music, movies and anime.
  2. Students make pairs, interview a classmate and then they introduce each other to the rest of their classmates. (Points to talk about)
  3. Teacher  creates a group by sending students a whatsapp group invitation link.


  1. Teacher introduces the vocabulary about prepositions of place and places by using a quizlet set
  2. Teacher sends a video to the students , they have to listen and complete a series of questions about the location of different places. (Questions to answer)
  3. Teacher reviews  the use of there is and there are using a picture so students can use the structure in the next exercise
  4. Teacher sends different maps that students need  and they describe those places to their classmates.


  1. Students prepare a short conversation including the topics already studied.


  1. Teacher reviews the vocabulary by doing an exercise online with the students



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