Teaching Pronunciation: Front, Central and Back Vowels Exercises

Phonemic Chart - Screenshot


Students will be able to identify front, central and back vowels in spoken language


Teacher introduces the five back vowels and examples of it.

  1. The first of the high vowels is /uː/ (as in food)
  2. The second high vowel is /ʊ/ as in good.
  3. The vowel made with mid tongue elevation is /ɔ:/ (as in caught).
  4. The vowel with the lowest tongue elevation is /ɑ:/ (as in palm).
  5. The final vowel  with slightly higher tongue elevation and slightly retracted tongue position is the sound /ɒ/ (as  cot, pot and lot)

Then teachers review the front and central Vowels

There are 3 Central vowels

  1. / ʌ / as in cup
  2. / ɜː / as in Learn
  3. / ə / as in about

There are 5 front vowels

  1. / i: / as in beat
  2. / ei / as in bait
  3. / e / as in bet
  4. / ɪ / as in fist
  5. / æ / as in bat


Listening Challenge

Student listen to some tracks and identify one-syllable words and categorize them using the front, central and  backs vowels chart.

The tracks that they will listen are the following:

  1. Group 
  2. Group
  3. Group 
  4. Group 

Post- Task

Students  will answer a quiz about the topic




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