Lesson Plan: The Variety of Life on Earth



Students are shown the video Kingdom of Animalia and they make conclusions about what the topic is today


#1 Students makes groups of three and listen the track  “Mind-Blowing Variety of Life on Earth“, they note down  adjectives  and expressions  used by the speaker.

#2 Students make predictions about what they might see in the video and speak about them.

#3 Students  watch the video “Mind-blowing Variety of Life On Earth” and confirm if their expectation were met.

#4 Students watch the video “What’s Biodiversity”  and they answer the following questions

  1. What’s biodiversity?
  2. What are the main types of biodiversity studied by scientists?
  3. What’s a specie Biodiversity?
  4. What’s  genetic biodiversity?
  5. What ‘s ecosystem biodiversity?
  6. Which areas have more biodiversity?
  7. What happens when an specie is eliminated?
  8. Why is habitat conservation more important than ever?

#5 The variation and complexity of life is explained by a mechanism called “Natural Selection” , Student watch the video  What is Natural Selection? and answer the following questions

  1. What’s natural selection?
  2. What’s descent with modification?
  3. What’s common descent?
  4. Where can we find evidence for common descent?
  5. Who discovered natural selection?
  6. What’s the difference among tortoises in the Galapagus Islands?
  7. How is nature involved in natural selection?

#6 Students watch the video again and mark if these statements are true or not

  1. Natural is the only concept contained in the theory of evolution
  2. Descent with modification is an observable fact
  3. Common descent of all life on earth is not an observable fact
  4. The evidence of common descent is poor
  5. Charles Darwin was a naturalists
  6. Island have animals unique to those islands
  7. All tortoises are equal no matter where you go
  8. Animals have been suited to survive to their environment
  9. Plants are also a result of natural selections
  10. Nature is not capable of selection
  11. Natural Selection is not an observable fact
  12. Nature has a thinking mind


#7 Natural Selection can be seen so students go to the internet and find examples of how natural selection has shaped things up and they discuss that with their classmates

For example 

The Huaorani spend so much time climbing up trees their feet have evolved and most have very flat feet. Because of the small gene pool many also have six toes on each feet.  Some also have six fingers

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4135698/The-Amazon-tribe-kills-eats-monkeys.html#ixzz4YDdQ4bLo


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