Language Assessment: Principles and Classroom Practices

Language Assessment

Language Assessment: Principles and Classroom Practices, offers a clear, comprehensive survey of the essential principles of assessing second language learning, as well as the critical tools teachers need to evaluate performance fairly and effectively. This invaluable resource joins Brown’s classic texts, Principles of Language Learning and Teaching and Teaching by Principles, in providing indispensible guidance for second language instruction. Language Assessment provides a working knowledge of the principles of assessment and their practical application in the classroom. This concise, comprehensive treatment of all four skills includes classification of assessment techniques ranging from controlled to open-ended item types, while a discussion of standardized tests examines their design, purpose, validity and utility.

Additional key features:

  1. Clearly framed fundamental principles for evaluating and designing assessment procedures
  2. A focus on classroom-based assessment at all levels of proficiency
  3. A thorough examination of standards-based assessment and standardized testing
  4. A wealth of practical examples to illustrate principles and guidelines
  5. An exploration of the ethics of testing in an educational and commercial world
  6. Comprehensive treatment of alternatives in assessment
  7. A chapter devoted to guidelines and practical suggestions for assigning grades
  8. End-of-chapter exercises and suggested additional readings

A slideshare user  has made the book available  through that document hosting site:

You can also check the book by clicking here




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