English Festival in San Francisco de Coyote

Institutional Spelling Bee Contest

We had our  institutional spelling bee competition  like three  weeks ago in a comfy air-conditioned room and it went as smooth as it could possibly go  .

Spelling Bee

We had  over 20  participants but at the end of the day, it came down to three  and they were crowned as the winners of the contest to represent the institution in the circuital competition.

Spelling Bee - Coyote

Circuital English Festival and spelling bee competition

The finalists this time  were school and highschool students from neighboring communities so  new faces and talents  were there to surprise us  and remind us that if teachers and students work hard , great things can be achieved.

We  had the spelling bee contest , a little bit of singing  , speeches and  the awards  for particpants and winners  and also a little bit of rain which kept us from having two more presentations but everything made all the hard work worth it.

We are deeply grateful  for the help  of  the administrative staff , fellow teachers , supporters and students  because without  them , none of this would have been possible .


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