Thoughts on Teaching : Literary Criticism + Didactic and Multimedia Resources Workshop

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Teaching in the university is always a pleasure since it was my  first home in my professional career and it is not just a place where I go  so I can cash a check at the end of the month. Teaching future educators is always a huge responsibilty as the whole Costa Rican education system falls through if we university teachers neglect our responsibilities toward them.

Thoughts on Teaching Literary Criticism

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I used to be that type of person who didn’t enjoy reading but as years passed, I  changed my mind and now I strongly believe that reading replaces ignorance with enlightment and intellegence. I personally read several books  during this four – month period as I wanted to become a better practictoner of  what I preach /teach and I will continue  to do so since  this new hobby or entertainment is now embedded in me.

There were many lessons in the different  readings such as the love that Jim and Bella  had for each other in the Gift of Magi as a true key for success for marriages and couples, the touching story of Maggie in the Angel in Disguise short story, the importance of being true in all situations as we read in the Cactus among the many lessons which could be found in the short stories that we read or talk about.

I  sincerely hope that  the central message of the Alchemist  is the fate of all of you as you try to teach , empower , bless and change individuals  through the power of your teaching and example.

The Alchemist Quotes

English will always be a mean of communication that we sometimes see a subject but reading books is a proof that it is not.

THOUGHTS ON Teaching the Didactic and Multimedia Resources workshop

The Future Educators
Me with the Future Educators

Classes can be anything but extraordinary in some ocassions but it requires extraordinary teachers to obtain extraordinary results in  a world where the  internet and the availabilty of new technologies keep changing the rules of the game. English teaching is about  being proficient in the language and having what it takes to teach and the very last class was a sample of that potential that all educators have because the power is in within all of us , we just have to dig deeper and find it.

Finally I just wanna show you the reaction of how students feel and act  when they realize is the last class of the quarter.

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