Listening Practice Through Dictation

listening-practice-through-dictationListening Practice through Dictation is a four-level series that presents basic listening transcription activities designed for EFL learners ranging from beginner to upper intermediate. A time-honored method of teaching language, dictation has received renewed interest from teachers and learners worldwide. Each book in this series contains 40 units divided into eight themes. Each unit is comprised of five exercises based on a single listening text, which may be a dialog, monolog or continuous prose.

By focusing learners’ attention on text transcription, Listening Practice through Dictation encourages learners to notice and improve spelling, vocabulary, sentence structure, cohesive dievices used in speaking and writing, and punctuation, apart from providing invaluable exposure to audio-recorded language from native English speakers. The progression of grammar, vocabulary, passage length, and complexity is controlled from one book to the next in order to give learners an effective and rewarding stage-by-stage language learning experience.

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CD 1

1 A Picnic by the River, 2 Let’s Recycle!, 3 Growing Roses, 4 Bird Watching, 5 Trees in the Forest , 6 An Easy Way to Shop, 7 Cell Phone Messages, 8 Bubbles in Boiling Water,  9 A New Camera, 10 Gold, 11 The Blue Sky, 12 The Summer Music Festival, 13 The School Play , 14 Ballet Class, 15 Monet’s Garden, 16 A Haunted House, 17 A Big Screen TV, 18 He’s Famous!, 19 A Housewarming Party, 20 Making Music, 21 Where Is Your Homework? , 22 After School Activities, 23 Arts and Crafts Class, 24 Grandfather’s Birthday, 25 The Lesson, 26 A Problem at the Office, 27 My Future Job, 28  Shopping, 29 A Part-time Job, 30 Teamwork, 31 The Marathon, 32 Racquetball, 33 Summer Sports, 34 In line skating, 35 The Olympics, 36 A Bicycle trip, 37 Driving down south, 38 The Travel Agent, 39  Taking the Train, 40 Going on a cruise

There are three more CD’S


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