Analizing Texts using a Vocabulary Profiler

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 What’s a vocabulary profiler?

A vocabulary profiler is a tool that checks if a piece of text contains words from a vocabulary list.

Why should I use a vocabulary profiler?

Teachers use vocabulary profilers to check the vocabulary level of a reading text they use for a class or for an assessment. It can be useful for identifying the level of a reading text or as a way of knowing which words in a text should receive more focus. Students can use it to see which words might be most useful for them to learn.

Analizing texts  using a Vocab Profiler

I choose a topic , a website where I could possibly find the information  and  article of my choice

Once I have found it , I copy the article and paste it in the vocab profiler and The Vocab Profiler classifies the vocabulary in four categories

  • K1 Words
  • K2 Words
  • AWL Words
  • Off-List Words

Vocab profiler 101


Analyzing a text with Vocab Kitchen

Vocab Kitchen

Vocab Kitchen is a user-friendly vocabulary profiler that will help you know with accuracy the level of the text you desire to use. the option for this vocabulary profiler that I am in more interested in is the one that uses the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages  as a base.


What can I do with  the texts after analyzed?

You can do any of these five type of exercises

  • Multiple Choice Exercise
  • Cloze test
  • Matching
  • True or False
  • Short Answer

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