5 Teaching Challenges : Create a Professional Development Plan

I decided to take a chance and be part of the 5 teaching Challenges. The challenges explore a key area of teaching in five simple steps. Each step takes just 1–2 hours to complete. Each week, they’ll email you a new step, with links to all the videos, articles and resources you need to complete it. You can do as many Challenges as you like, and in any order and they will send you a Record of Achievement when you finish all five steps of your Challenge which can be added to your professional development portfolio.

I chose “Create a professional development plan that works for you” to be my first challenge

5 Teaching Challenges - Create a professional development plan

Week #1

The  challenge starts  with you watching this video

The video focuses on this five characteristics that  teacher need to have

  1. ability to motivate students
  2. good knowledge about techniques and activities
  3. good knowledge of the language
  4. love for teaching
  5. awareness of one’s onw strengths and weaknesses and desire to improve

The cambridge English teaching framework helps you recognizing  your own strenghts and weaknesses by answering  a few questions and let you know whether you think you are at Foundation, Developing, Proficient or Expert stage in every one of the five teaching characteristics mentioned above or you can create an account and use the Cambridge English Teacher Development Tracker to create your professional development profile and to see where you are in your professional development.

Week #2 – The Cycle of Professional Development

Watch this video to undertand the cycle of professional development

The next step is  planning your goals  , you might take  a look at the document by clicking here .

Week #3 : Finding balance, then staying interested: the importance of continuous professional development

If you wanna read more about finding balance  and the pursuit of continuous professional development , click here

Beside the ideas that you can find in the PDF file . this  section encourages  to create a blog and read other teacher’s blog

The following video  highlight the importance of webinars

Week#4 : Action Research and Peer Observation

This step is about research you can carry out on your classroom practice. This is another professional development option that you can include in your professional development plan

Read about these different ways of carrying out research and different ideas for peer observation.

  1. Action research for busy language teachers
  2. Doing peer observation as part of teacher research
  3. Reflecting on classroom practices

Week #5 : Continuing Professional Development

The final step is to use this information to complete your professional development plan.You’re going to watch a presentation about barriers to Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Before you watch, list some difficulties you think teachers have with professional development in your learning journal

Do you experience any of these barriers? What can you do about them? Are there some development activities you won’t be able to do because of these barriers? What type of activity will work best for you? Make notes in your learning journal.

Read this article about how to prepare your professional development plan and complete the tasks.


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