Daily Routines



  1. To wake up
  2. To get up
  3. To have breakfast
  4. To take a shower
  5. To go to school
  6. To take the bus
  7. To have lunch
  8. To study for exams
  9. To read a book
  10. To go to bed
  11. To stay up late
  12. To watch tv
  13. To play video games
  14. To listen to music
  15. To do the dishes
  16. To check facebook/snapchat
  17. To hang out with friends
  18. To play sports
  19. To brush my teeth
  20. To do the homework
  21. To chat with friends
  22. To go to the pool
  23. To get dressed
  24. To comb
  25. To clean up the room
  26. To have dinner
  27. To walk the dog
  28. To do exercises
  29. To talk to friends

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What time do you ….?


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