Celebrate! Holidays in the U.S.A.



  1. Make sure to introduce holidays from Costa Rica and the United States, You can do that  using a powerpoint presentation.
  2. This topic requires students to know  past, present and future tenses.


You can do the activities found in this worksheet to ensure the sucessful repitition of the language.

The activities found in this worksheet are the following:

  1. Holidays and short description of them
  2. Holidays and when they are celebrated
  3. Texts for reading comprehension

You can also use these resources to focus more on reading comprehension

  1. Halloween
  2. New Year’s Eve
  3. Independence Day
  4. Labor Day
  5. Thanksgiving Day
  6. Christmas Day
  7. Valentine’s Day
  8. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
  9. Veteran’s Day
  10. Martin Luther King Day
  11. April Fool’s Day

You can also focus on listening by focusing on these activities

  1. Everyday conversations: Christmas traditions

  2. April Fools’ Day

  3. Everyday conversations: Holiday season in the U.S.

  4. St. Patrick’s Day
  5. Halloween
  6. Everyday conversations: Thanksgiving in the U.S.

  7. Gaby’s Favorite Holidays
  8. Everyday conversations: What’s your Halloween costume?

  9. Valentine’s Day Facts

  10. Groundhog Day

  11. Independence Day
  12. Mother’s Day
  13. Thanksgiving Dinner


Activity #1

  • Students will work in groups (three)
  • Students will find pictures of a national holiday  of their choice.
  • Students will add the pictures to a powerpoint presentation.
  • Students will write a short description about the picture.
  • Students will explain the slides along  their partners.
  • Students might use everything related to the holiday such as date , symbol and ways to celebrate it

Activity #2

  • Students can choose three holidays  and write the reason why they like them and activities that they do them



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