Dictionaries and Spelling Rules

PhrasalverbsdictionarySome people still root for dictionaries and some people wanna see them gone in the age of cellphones and apps. I used to be one of the students who carry a dictionary everywhere and make a good use of it , Times has changed and I see  some online tools and apps that are taking their places.

These are my top free online dictionaries

Spelling Rules

Nouns ending in -y

If the noun ends with a consonant plus -y, make the plural by changing -y to -ies:

singular plural
berry berries
activity activities
daisy daisies

Nouns ending in -f or -fe

With nouns that end in a consonant or a single vowel plus -f or -fe, change the -f or -fe to -ves:

singular plural
knife knives
half halves
scarf scarves

If the noun ends with -ch, -s, -sh, -x, or -z, add -es to form the plural:

singular plural
church churches
bus buses
fox foxes

An honorable mention

Dictionary and  some Motivation_8845887631_l
My dictionary in my student years

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