First Rule of Learning English

Do you believe that there are no rules when learning a Language?

imageI believe that there aren’t a specific set of things that a learner must do to achieve the goal of learning English, However there are a few advices that I could give to a learner  to make his or her learning more delightful.

Stay busy learning something: No matter what you are doing  , if you are studying grammar, reading comics ,watching movies or memorizing your favorite lyrics , you’ll see that doing any activity will pay off after a few weeks

Use your receptive skills:  Do you want to learn something new ? Read a book, newspaper blog  , listen to your favorite songs in English or watch your favorite movies, those hobbies  will  boost your vocabulary  and improve your listening skills.

Use English as a mean of communication: people tend to see English as a subject and not as a mean of communication so try to  interact with people on social networks , write a tweet here and there  or post a status on your facebook timeline using the target language.

Embrace a little bit of culture here and there: You must have fun in the target language so music , movies ,shows, books must be part of your life . Don’t learn English only to teach it or use it at work . Link English to fun hobbies.

Start learning on your own before enrolling in  a class: this advice might be a way to find out if you have the drive to learn a language, Some people who attend university courses feel the pressure of quizzes and exams so they loose motivation  because learning a language under pressure isn’ t fun.

The situations all learners go through are different and there are many variables such as the country we live in , our age, our motivation, our personality  and all of those factors  can play in favor or against us.

There is no hard–and–fast rules you must follow but a lot of diversity in methods and approaches to learn  a language. So What seems to  work for you?  What piece of advice can you give ?


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