Identification of Family Members and Partner’s Relatives


I suggest starting this class by brainstorming how much students know  about the target vocabulary

Family Members


Teacher can practice with the students the vocabulary using this Quizlet Set

Teacher and students can watch the introductory  video from the Profe en Casa Youtube Channel. When you watch the video, you get the sense this first topic is more than teaching isolated words


Students can also work with these various  activities to emphasize the sucessful repetition of the new vocabulary

You can also tell your students to make a bingo  so  you can play with the family members vocabulary . Consider spending some money  in some prizes to reward the winners



  1. Show students a picture of a family tree and ask them to make sentences about family relationship withing that family
  2. Ask students to create a conversation in which they talk about their family members.

Other Resources

  1. Family Members (Steven’S Family) Picture Dictionary ESL Worksheet
  2. Matching about family members



MEP Teachers Click Here for more info


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