Location of People and Objects


Prepositions of place
  1. at : The secretary was sitting at her desk.
  2. behind: The car park is behind the building.
  3. between: The prisoner sat between the two policemen.
  4. in: The pen was in the drawer.
  5. in front of: The teacher stands in front of the class.
  6. next to / beside : In my English lesson I always sit next to/ beside/by my friend.
  7. on: The painting was hanging on the wall. The boy was sitting on the chair.
  8. over/above: The sign hanging over/above the door read ‘No smoking’.
  9. under : The woman was sheltering under a tree.
  10. below: When flying I enjoy watching the clouds below me.

This video was published  in the Profe en Casa Youtube Channel

Watch this video , It is catchy song  to teach prepositions


You can also try  using these additional worksheets to reinforce the successful repetition of new vocabulary


preposition of place - Room

Write sentences based on what you see in the picture using preposition of place

  1. _________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. _________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. _________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. _________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. _________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. _________________________________________________________________________________________

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