Goodreads : Game of Thrones


I didn’t become a fan since the first season but the fame of the serie was spreading  with ease through the web however  I didn’t give a try until a  friend of mine on Facebook  kept posting how  exciting the serie was. I  watched the  first  two seasons  online and then I started watching on HBO as regular fans do.

The Game of Thrones HBO serie is  an adaptation of the following books by George R. R. Martin

( If you want to download the books and read them on your device  , just click on the book  that  you  wish to get.)

How do I read  the books on my device  ?

The internet and phone  applications has made it possible to  read book in our devices. You can  do it using Google Play books , The Kindle App or an EPUB reader (Android) . The same apps are available for other platforms such as iOS and Windows.

The television serie and the books are fantastic so this makes it  a  good task for learners who are fan of the series.

Enjoy  your reading!


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