An Introduction to Sports and Leisure Activities

MEP 9TH Grade


Students can  play  21 questions to  guess what sport or leisure activity the student has in mind


You can watch this awesome  video about a rider surfing  with a motorcycle

The teacher can introduce this topic with this Prezi Presentation


You can also try any of these activities


  1.  Outdoor Games and Activities  (
  2. Matching (
  3. Play,Go and Do (


  1.  Pelé (
  2. Ancient Olympic Games (

  3. Jackie Robinson (
  4. What’s your favorite sport? (

  5. Sports & Social Identity (

  6. Rugby League (

  7. Going to a soccer game (

  8. Volleyball (
  9. Summer Sports (
  10.  Marathon (


Ask students to create  a conversation using this dialogue as model

A: Hi Luis

B: Hi Mike

A: Do you like volleyball?

B: No, I don’t

A: What sport do you like?

B: I like swimming, and you?

A: I like swimming too

B: Where can we go swimming?

A: At the Plaza Gonzales Viquez Pool

B: Are you bringing your swimsuit?

A: Sure

B: I´ll see you there

MEP Teachers Click Here for more info


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