Around the Web : Quill – Learn English Grammar by Writing and Proofreading

Quill Purpose

Quill provides interactive grammar lessons and the chance  to  learn English grammar by writing sentences and proofreading passages. You can sign up for a quill account by  adding  your personal information , unfortunately there is no Facebook connect button to save us from  a minute of typing.

Quill - Sign up Form


Once you typed your personal data , you can choose to between  a teacher or a student  account  , if you  choose the teacher type , you’ll have the chance  to create a class so you can interact with your students. The  following  video summarizes the  key  features of Quill.


Quill  has over 150 lessons directly from the Common Core State Standards and its completely  free.  I think it is a  good initiative  which will bring grammar from  textbooks to interactivity. Give it a try and see for yourself.


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