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Cambridge English Teacher

 I  found this site like a year  ago , as you can read in the screenshot above  , you receive a free English grammar  as  you  sign up  for a free account in  Cambridge English Teacher. The topics  that are covered in the grammar  course are the  following:

•   Unit 1: Nouns and pronouns
•   Unit 2: Adjectives, conjunctions and prepositions
•   Unit 3: Verbs and adverbs
•   Unit 4: Present tenses
•   Unit 5: Future forms
•   Unit 6: Past tenses
•   Unit 7: Perfect forms
•   Unit 8: The passive

Cambridge English Teacher promises you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

Here’s  quick video  of how the course looks

Unfortunately  material and other benefits such as webinars and donwloads are restricted to members who pay an annual membership as indicated in their official introductory video.


You might want to  try the free grammar course , get your certificate and consider Cambridge English Teacher



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