Recommended Android App: MusixMatch

MusixMatchYou probably were  familiar with the defunct music app TuneWiki, which  was famous  for providing lyrics to our songs in our mobile phones. Musixmatch is as far as I know the only solid choice  so it is on my must-have apps list

Why would a learner install this app?

You must be well-acquainted with the main four language skills; listening, reading, speaking and writing. The first two are receptive skills and the last two are productive skills. You might be wondering  what that has to do  with installing the musixmatch app and the answer is simple , you must be good at listening and reading  to be able to produce language . There is no other way to learn than by  reading and listening . That’s the way we learn new things, if we don’t use our receptive skills, we get stuck in our language learning.

Listening is  important as long as we understand what we are listening, otherwise it would be considered noise and that ‘s where MusixMatch comes  into play, it help us deal with complex lyrics since  some of them tend to be difficult to understand when we listen to them for the  first time.

Have you  given it a try on your mobile phone or desktop computer? are you delighted with it? Check it out


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