The World Cup: Countries and Nationalities

The World Cup

Th time to celebrate soccer is rolling around so it is time  to learn some more .The  following countries and nationalities represent the countries that classified  to the World Cup.

Brazil : Brazilian

Croatia : Croat or Croatian

Mexico: Mexican

Cameroon: Cameroonian

Spain: Spaniard

Netherlands: Dutch

Chile: Chilean

Australia: Australian

Colombia: Colombian

Greece: Greek

Cote d’ ivoire: Ivorian

Japan: Japanese

Uruguay: Uruguayan

Costa Rica : Costa Rican

England: English

Italy: Italian

Switzerland: Swiss

Ecuador: Ecuadorean

France: French

Honduras: Honduran

Argentina: Argentinian

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bosnian and  Herzegovinian

Iran: Iranian

Nigeria: Nigerian

Germany: German

Portugal: Portuguese

Ghana: Ghanian

USA: US Citizen

Belgium: Belgian

Algeria: Algerian

Russia: Russian

Korea Republic: Korean


Who are  you gonna root for?


Teams Classified


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