Teaching Vocabulary: Clothing



Worksheet #1 : Winter Clothing (ISL Collective)

Worksheet #2 : Clothing Coloring Worksheet (ISL Collective)

Worksheet #3 : Clothing Puzzle (ISL Collective)

Worksheet #4 : Clothes And Accessories Picture Dictionary Worksheet ( englishwsheets.com)

Worksheet #5 : Clothes And Accessories Wordsearch Puzzle Worksheet (englishwsheets.com)

Worksheet #6 : Clothes And Accessories Matching Exercise Worksheet (englishwsheets.com)

Worksheet #7 : Clothes And Accessories Criss Cross (Crossword) Puzzle (englishwsheets.com)

Worksheet #8 : Clothes and Accessories ESL Missing Letters In Words (englishwsheets.com)

Worksheet #9 : Clothes Picture Test ( anglomaniacy.pl)

Worksheet #10: Questions about fashion (Englishpost.org)

Presentation #1: Clothing  (Englishpost.org)



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