Teaching Grammar: The Difference Between Do and Make

Do: forms

Do is an irregular verb. Its three forms are do, did, done. The present simple third person singular is does:

  • Will you do a job for me?
  • did some shopping this morning.
  • Have you done your essay yet?
  • He usually does his homework in front of the television.

Make + Object

We use make + object to talk about things that we produce or create:

  • She made some coffee.
  • Did you really make this table?

Enjoy this video to understand more fully the differences between DO vs. Make


Online Resources

Activity #1: After having understood the  topic , I’d like to invite you  to test  your knowledge using  this interactive game: Classtools.net

Activity #2: Look at the picture and  identify the  ones that are used  with do  or make

Make or Do  Wordle

Activity #3: Complete the following exercises to make sure you understand the differences between these two verbs:

Make and Do Exercises PDF


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