Teaching with Films: Lone Survivor

Complete  the conversation using the  verbs from the list , the conversation  took place in the movie “Lone Survivor” 

  • saw
  • afford
  • does
  • Know
  • want
  • rides
  • got
  • cost

LUTTRELL : Since when does she ___________ an Arabic  horse?

MURPHY: Since I __________ an email this morning. Probably she _______ it on Oprah.

LUTTRELL: Oprah _________ Arabic horses?

MURPHY: I don’t know what Oprah _________.

LUTTRELL: She can ____________ them.

MURPHY: Why? How much do they _________?

LUTTRELL: I don’t________. Oprah money.


LUTTRELL: I thought you guys were doing this  tomorrow


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