Teaching Reading: Fight Article


Complete the  following text using the verbs  from  the  following list

  • came
  • fell
  • dominated
  • threw
  • rematched
  • got
  • called
  • looked
  • followed
  • snapped
  • made
  • stayed
  • stopped
  • landed

After taking the Middleweight title with a shocking knockout at UFC 162Chris Weidman _______________Anderson Silva in the main event of UFC 168. Weidman _______________ the first round with his wrestling and top control. To the disappointment of every fan, Silva had his leg _________________ as he _________________ a leg kick in the second round and the fight was ____________________.

Weidman_____________ in early with a quick takedown, but Silva __________ right back to his feet. Another takedown from Weidman and he ________________with ground and pound, but Silva was able to minimize the damage. Weidman _______________many good shots from there, but Silva _______________ calm throughout the round. With shots from bottom, Silva____________ Weidman’s nose bleed.

Silva ______________much better in the second round. He was landing low kicks and staying away from Weidman’s clinch range. Unfortunately, a checked leg kick caused Silva’s leg to snap in the shin. He immediately ______________and the fight was ______________ off.


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