Catch me if you can (2002)

Catch me if you can

A true story about Frank Abagnale Jr., who, before his 19th birthday, successfully conned millions of dollars’ worth of checks as a Pan Am pilot, doctor, and legal prosecutor.


The Assignment must have a front page and  the answers must be typed , long , meaningful and grammatically correct,

  1. Who directed and produced the movie?
  2. Who are  the main actors and their characters in the movie?
  3. What was Frank Abagnale, Jr. cooking ? (Around Minute 15)
  4. What class teacher did he pretend to be ? (Around Minute 18)
  5. What were the  first thing  he did after he ran out of money? (Around minute 27)
  6. What did he do  to get into the plane  as co-pilot?
  7. Where did he put the check he  made ? (around minute 35)
  8. How did he get the logo of the Pan American Airways for the fake checks?
  9. What was his strategies when going to a bank?
  10. What did Frank pretend to be  when he was about to be caught by the police  officer in his hotel room? (Around Minute 50)
  11. What professonal did he pretend to be  after being a pilot) (Around Minute 70)
  12. what did he do after going to the emergency room for the first time?
  13. What was the clue that  the police officer found in the Frank’s dad apartment?
  14. Why did he want to stop  pretending  to be somebody else ? (Around Minute 95)
  15. What happened when he was celebrating his wedding?
  16. How did he manage  to  go unnoticed when he entered the airport?
  17. What did he learn when he was in the airplane (Minute 116)
  18. How did he help the police when he was in prison?
  19. What did he do after some time in prison to help the FBI Department?
  20. What happens after Frank completes his sentence


Leonardo Dicaprio and the real Frank Abagnale, Jr

leonardo and the real frank

English only

  1. Catch me if you can 
  2. Catch me if you can



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