Teaching Listening: Using songs in the classroom

Music plays a big role in learning English , I always say that  people with a love for american culture   do better  than learners that simply  listen to English while  they are in the classroom. The following are a series of steps of stuff that you can do with music.

  1. Be a fan of music , love it  and make it serve you a greater purpose  than just the delight of  listening to it.
  2. Download the videos  or  the audio of your favorite videos to listen to them on the go  using sites such as savevid.com for downloading  videos  or listentoyoutube.com for  downloading mp3 songs.
  3. Once you  have saved  your videos  or songs  to your device , Visit  a site such as AzLyrics.com to get the lyrics .
  4. Paste the lyrics  into a  word document  and do one of the  following ideas.
  • Remove  words from the lyrics so Students listen for the missing words.
  • Try including words written phonetically  so students can listen for them or figure them out.  (the Cambrige online Dictionary  can help you with that)
  • Try also  including definition of words so  students  look for the words in the text . ( the Cambrige online Dictionary  can help you with that too)
  • Try  including a  synonyms  and antonyms search  in the lyrics, you provide  the words so students go and look  for the synonyms and antonyms within the text ,( Synonyms.com can help you do that )
  • Try including  a  grammar search,  that means finding particular aspects of grammar  or  parts of the  speech within  the lyrics.
  • Tell  students to find  the best part of the lyrics and  express why  they like it.

Be ready  to answer questions  about vocabulary  and why  you like that particular song



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