Webquest: History of the Slavery in the US


  1. When did the first african slaves arrive in America?
  2. Why  did the slavery in America begin?
  3. What  increased the demand of  african slaves?
  4. What major event happened in 1808?
  5. what did William Loyd Garrison do to support the abolition of slavery cause?
  6. What did the debate over  slavery provoke in America?
  7. How long  did  the Civil war last ?
  8. What ‘s  the “Emancipation Declaration”?
  9. When is Abraham Lincoln Assasinated?
  10. How is Abraham Lincoln  assasinated?
  11. What ammendment abolished the slavery?

Google search these questions

  1. was teaching  slaves in america  how to read and write  illegal?
  2. were american slaves families sold together?
  3. were american slaves allowed to marry?
  4. Scars of a whipped Mississipi slavewere american slaves allowed to have children?
  5. Were black slaves sexually abused?
  6. How were slaves punished?

Google search more about Human Trafficking

  1. What’s human trafficking?
  2. Who are the more vulnerable people?
  3. How can we prevent human trafficking from happening?

Sources to  find the answers

  1. History.com
  2. infoplease.com
  3. Wikipedia.com

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