Me, Myself, My, Mine and I

Even though I use them all the time in daily conversations , it is hard for me  to remember  under  what grammar cathegory they  fall so I created this chart  to remember them all , I hope  it is useful to you.

Chart (

Let me give  you an example about how they are used in a sentences

  1. I am  the new guy around here , This is a picture of me , that ‘s my dog, the house is mine and I am very proud because I build it myself.
  2. I went home for christmas and I  found my parents there   and a friend of mine, they told me how much they love me and how I have devoted myself to living a  good life.
  3. You did all the work  by yourself , you  were persistent, your  friends have been touched by the choices you have made , they love you  and  this victory is all  yours.

Reflexive Pronouns

Possesive Pronouns



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