Safe from sharks?

How strong can a shark be?

Would you like  to paddle with a shark?

What happened  to the shark expert?

What was the swimmer doing ? What happened to him?

Where is the island located?

What types of sharks surround the island?

Why is the island surrounded by shark?

What makes the sharks breach from the water?

What animal do the professionals root for ?

General questions – research on internet

  1. What are some types of sharks?
  2. How long do sharks live?
  3. What are the most dangerous types of sharks?
  4. Do sharks sleep? Support your answer
  5. What are the fastest sharks?
  6. What are  the largest types of sharks?
  7. What are the worst shark attacks in history?
  8. What can I do to prevent a shark attack?
  9. What’s shark finning? why do fishermen want the shark fin?
  10. What are some shark related movies ?

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