Listening Exercises: Let’s Talk about Movies

Today we are gonna  learn more about movies,  Niharika is  gonna teach more about them, listen to her and then answer the questions


  1. What are some types of movies mentioned in the video?
  2. What are the main elements in romance comedies?
  3. What are SCI-FI movies about?
  4. What are documentaries?
  5. What dubbed means?
  6. Where do  the subtitles usually appear?
  7. What’s the main goal of a trailer?
  8. What’s a sequel?
  9. What’s cameo?

Short  Answer / Completion

  1. It was a total laugh________________
  2. It was heart___________________
  3. The Special Effects were______________________
  4. It made my ______________________ run cold
  5. It gave me __________________ for thought
  6. The plot ___________________ intriguing
  7. The movie was ________________ provoking
  8. It was like watching the grass________________
  9. It was like watching the __________________ dry


  1. The group of actors in a film is the _____________________ of the film
  2. The art of photography in film making is _____________________
  3. A two minute summary of the movie is a________________________
  4. The movie is excellent and did well at the box office refers to_____________________

Now watch this video and learn more about movies

Now that you know more about movies, watch this short animated film called Logorama.

Now that you have watched it , tell us how much you like or hate it, support your answer with details.




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