Great Teaching Ideas: Jobs



Students can see flashcards about occupations and key verbs using Quizlet


You can work with any of these worksheet to enhance the sucessful repetition of the new vocabulary

Worksheet 1: Jobs Crossword

Worksheet 2:  Jobs Crossword

Worksheet 3:   Jobs Crossword 

Worksheet 4: Job Descriptions Matching

Worksheet 5: Occupations Picture Test

Worksheet 6: Occupations Vocabulary Quiz

Worksheet 7: Occupations Crossword

Worksheet: 8 : Occupations wordsearch

Worksheet 9: Circle the correct word

Worksheet 10: Write the missing words



Students write short description about jobs and occupations

  1. __________________________________________________________________
  2. __________________________________________________________________
  3. __________________________________________________________________
  4. __________________________________________________________________
  5. __________________________________________________________________
  6. __________________________________________________________________

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