Teaching children: The three cups game

Three Cups Game

The  other day , one of the Preschool  teachers  called in  sick   so the administration decided  to  distribute  the students of that class  among the other  groups so   I ended up having more  students  in   my   classroom than regular with no  chances  of using  the  book   in  which  they   regularly work so  I had  to  figure something out  because they weren’t in  same level   so I decided to spend  some  time  playing games. I opted   to play   the  three  cups game . I didn’t  have  the  typical white  cups  so  I   found   some  wooden  cups  which   weren’t identical  but  I think that they didn’t notice that detail , so I put  small  pieces  of   crayons    under the three cups  and  I moved  them  all over the table  then   the kids had  to point where  the  piece  of crayon   of the  color  that I  indicated   was  and  some of them got it  right and some  of them got it  wrong  until  we  had  an ultimate  winner    who got  it  right every time  and  that’s how   I survived   forty minutes  with  a bunch of little kids.

Some of the positive things    that  I   see  in this kind  of  game are

  • Children get excited , they like  to play  the game and  when  they  are not playing  , they  enjoy watching other classmates.
  • The game reinforce  their knowledge of  the colors.

One of the negative things  that I see in this kind of  game  is

  • Sometimes  when children aren’t playing ,  they are insisting  that  they want to play  again  which can be annoying  sometimes.

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