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I love  learning  and teaching English  , while surfing  I   discovered  a site  called and  I   thought to  myself  that this was just another  site   with  intentions  to  teach  English  then   I decided   to  check the following video which is  a  overview  of the site  that I  recommend   you   to check.

After watching the introductory  video , I decided  to    click  one  of the  videos  in   the  extensive video  library   and I  got convinced  that this  is not  only  another  site  with good intentions  so  I proceeded   to  register using my   Facebook  account   so   the  registration  was  automatically done  in a  couple of  seconds. Here is  how it  looks


I checked   some  couple of  videos   such as  the purpose  to get  good grades in  schools  and    you can watch the  video ,  read  subtitles in English and  Spanish and  complete exercises  while the  video   is  progressing  so    it is  very  interactive and  it won’t scare   you away  if   you   don’t know a    word.

You also  have access  to

  • Pronunciation Classes
  • Vocabulary Lessons
  • Variety of  Topics

and  so much more   for free , you also have the  choice   to upgrade  the  account  to premium  for  $15  a month but that´s  optional  meanwhile   you   can enjoy   the  free  stuff  , so  give it a  try and  judge  for  yourself .


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